Falcons Perth


Why it started:
At Rooster’s Floorball Club, we have always made junior and player development a top priority. This commitment led to a unique opportunity in 2021 when our division 2 men’s team, composed of several talented young players who had been with us for multiple years, secured the 2020/21 championship. Building on this success, coach Josh Hay set his sights on advancing these young players’ development by establishing the Falcons Floorball Club as Roosters’ associate team in Division 1.

As part of this development, we also created a new team in Division 2 for the 21/22 season. Both teams performed exceptionally well in their inaugural year, with the Division 2 team winning another championship and the Division 1 team finishing third on the ladder.

Progressing Junior Development
Our focus on junior development is at the heart of the Falcons Floorball Club. By providing our younger players with opportunities to play in higher divisions, we aim to help them progress their floorball journey. Our Australian representative coaches and players provide exceptional support, ensuring our Falcons members receive the best possible guidance and training to achieve their floorball goals.

Long Term Goals:
Our long term goals are for Falcons players to establish themselves in the Western Australian Summer League and, ultimately, to represent Australia in international competitions. By fostering a culture of excellence and providing the necessary training and support, we hope to create a powerhouse team that will elevate Australian Floorball to new heights.