The Roosters Floorball club has a range of top tier coaches available to develop player’s skills. The coaches implement tactics that are seen in the top Floorball leagues around the world.

Club Coaches

Nic Moran

Roosters Head Coach

Nic Moran helped build the “Roosters” play style from ground up. Bringing the knowledge and insight learned from multiple Australian National Men's team tours, he has infused an exciting gameplay into the club. After a few years of patience the method broke through and has now has been adopted by many WA clubs trying to replicate Roosters success. The fast-paced attacking play style is a staple of the Roosters Floorball club. Nic continues to innovate his coaching style staying ahead of the competition.

Josh Hay

Falcons Head Coach

Josh has been a huge driver in helping develop junior Floorball players throughout WA. Playing for the Australian National Mens’ Floorball team has never stopped him from teaching juniors that are passionate about the game. Learning from Nic and expanding his insight, this has groomed him into one of the top coaches in Australia. His passion for the game is unmatched. He now has the chance to coach the Falcons, a team of players he has coached for years to build them into championship teams. Josh is also the Australian Under 19 Men's coach.

Ben Kosterich

Roosters Div 1 Women's

Ben is a current vice captain of the Australian Men's Floorball team and is heavily involved in growing the Roosters Floorball Club. He has coached players of all ages and skill levels. Ben was the first native Australian to debut in the Czech Super League for SKV Florbal and has since brought his learnings back to team and the Roosters club.


Aiden Hollingsworth

Roosters Div 2

Aiden has been at Roosters since he was eligible for the elite competition. He has stepped up and coached men, women and juniors at all ages and skill levels. Aiden is extremely personable and is loved by all players. He has taken numerous teams to grand final appearances.

Oscar Smith

Sharks Head Coach

Oscar has represented Australia for the Under 19 Men’s team and Australian Men's National team. He has progressed from Falcons Division 2 coach to the head of Shark coaching and development. In his debut year coaching, Oscar took Falcons Div 2 to the grand final and won. Oscar places emphasis on building team culture and refining players' skills with the help of his manager Jonathan Salt.

Ryan Alexandrakis

Roosters Melbourne Head Coach

Ryan is our head coach and main point of contact for Roosters Floorball Melbourne Club. Ryan has been involved in the sport in all aspects of the game whether it be his decade long experience in Australian National teams as a goalkeeper or to his long standing coaching positions at all levels which now includes Assistant coach to the U19 Men’s Australian and his newest venture of being involved with the IFF to acquire his international Referee accreditation. Having a wealth of knowledge at his disposal and great connections throughout the Floorball community worldwide you can be assured you are receiving the most up to date coaching ,rules advice and playing techniques to best develop anyone who chooses to come under his wing.

Caitlin Smith

Roosters Div 2 Women's

Caitlin (‘Buffy’) has been with Roosters since the women’s division formed in the 2016/17 season. She’s a member of the Australian National Women’s Floorball Team and (co-) coached the inaugural women’s Div 2 Roosters to a premiership in the 21/22 season. Buffy is passionate about growing women and girls’ involvement in the sport.


Tim Forsyth

Roosters Development 1

Tim Forsyth is an elite sportsperson who has been playing at the highest level for 4 years. While this is only his 1st year coaching, his team is progressing very strongly into the finals. Tim has a good eye for strategy, is a solid player, and translates this well into his coaching.


If you are interested in learning and becoming a Coach contact the Roosters Floorball Club on InstagramFaceBook or Email.